V2 NFT Passport

Free airdrop to V1 holders on April 4, 2022

V2 NFTs will be directly airdropped to V1 holders based on the snapshot we took on Mar 17, 6:30AM GMT-5. For whitelist members who haven't minted in V1, the whitelist remains and you can free mint by April 11th 10AM GMT-5.

You will need to connect a MetaMask wallet to claim 


Planet Elon


Web3 Mars


Crypto Moon


DeFi Asteroids


DAO Polaris


Game Naptune


NFT Pandora


Blockchain Jupiter




The Story

9 Planets, Various Rarity Levels

The Atemverse is divided into 9 distinct planets with each planet having its very own species. When minting, the user will be assigned to one of the 9 planets which have varying rarity levels. The rarer the planet is, the rarer the NFT - and the rarer the artwork. The planets will also have unique colours and the species of each planet will be used to differentiate the NFTs from each other and make them unique to the individual user. The NFT will also serve as the users first introduction to the Atem group spaces, thus making the Atemverse NFT a necessary criteria in order to access the Atem application and thereby giving the NFT passport its value. On Atem, each user will automatically be added to different group spaces depending on what NFT or Token the user has inside of their wallet. Since each user will have an Atemverse NFT, users will automatically be introduced to each other in the Atemverse group space. If a user decides to sell their NFT on a secondary market, they will forfeit their right to access Atem and no longer benefit from future whitelists, airdrops, launches, discounts and rewards.


Owner Privileges

Join Beta Launch
Future airdrop for NFT holders
Join events to accumulate rewards 
Future social benefits
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NFT Distribution

91% NFT Airdrop, 4539
5000 NFTs Distribution
5% Whitelist, 261
4% Team Vault, 200
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